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Response to the Leaders' Debate

Posted on by Richard Einarson


At final tally 1,700 Albertans followed Glenn's Leaders' Debate Live Blog

Alberta Party leader, Glenn Taylor, was not invited to participate in the televised leaders' debate (read our take on this decision). To ensure that Albertans can learn about the Alberta Party's perspective on each debate question, Glenn was live blogging the event on the Alberta Party website - read the transcript here.  We will also be releasing a video late this evening covering Glenn's answers to a selection of the debate questions.

The following was released earllier, just after the televised leaders' debate.

CALGARY - “I’ve been getting the questions the other leaders were responding to on the doors and in public forums throughout this campaign” says Glenn Taylor. “I would rather have been on stage tonight, but I think we were remarkably successful in reaching Albertans with our unique message.”

Tonight at least 1,300 (later updated to 1,700) Albertans were tuned in to Glenn Taylor’s live blog during the debate.

Highlights from Glenn’s feed tonight include:

  • “There is no reason Alberta cannot both balance the budget and set aside funds for the future if we budget responsibly.”
  • “We don’t agree that the other parties have worked well together in the legislature, but we believe they could if they followed the Alberta Party’s lead.”
  • “We think the Alberta Party is perfectly positioned to provide a responsible voice of reason in a PC or Wild Rose minority government.”
  • “Albertans have freedom of religion, but as a public employee you serve the citizen that comes through the door – you don’t get to ask what their views are.”

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