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Cuts to Cancer Treatment Centre First Victim of PC Mismanagement

December 19, 2014

Cutting a badly-needed cancer treatment facility is the wrong thing at the wrong time, says Alberta Party leader Greg Clark. 

“The Wildrose-Conservative government has admitted that, because they mismanaged our wealth, our province is in a position that we need to cut critical health facilities," said Clark. "Cutting treatment for cancer patients under the guise of 'making difficult decisions,’ is terrible prioritization,” said Clark.

With the Tom Baker Cancer Centre at full capacity it is already stressed.  There are people working in the hallways and sitting on the floor, explained a disappointed Clark.  

“According to the Alberta Cancer Foundation every day, 43 Albertans hear the words "you have cancer", and they can’t come up with $1.3 billion for cancer patients,” said Clark. “Is the government really going to put the burden of cuts on our cancer patients?"

Clark said the downturn is exactly the right time to be investing in critical infrastructure. "Alberta has a massive infrastructure deficit because the PC government didn't invest during past downturns," said Clark. "It's best to build when construction costs are lower. It just makes good financial sense."

Clark worries that this is the first step towards more private healthcare. 

"The Wildrose/Conservative 'reunification agreement'  called for more private healthcare," said Clark. "It sure looks to me like they plan to create demand for private healthcare by underinvesting in public health care."

"In a province with the resources of Alberta it's shameful that we do not have the ability to provide basic services for people with critical illnesses.

"It's PC mismanagement at its worst and Albertans won't stand for it."


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