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Courage Needed to Re-examine the Alberta Energy Market

Posted on by Richard Einarson

In response to this week’s announcement of expected spikes in energy costs in the Province, Alberta Party Leader Glenn Taylor says, “It’s time to revisit energy de-regulation in Alberta. Quite simply this hasn’t worked to the benefit of Albertans and we need to have the courage to re-examine the decision that the Alberta Government made under Premier Klein’s watch.”

“I am very concerned that this is just a continuation of the upward spiral of increases to our energy bills and to energy prices in Alberta. It’s not like the Government didn’t see this coming. Back in 2009 David Gray predicted that we could see a doubling or more of our total utility spend just with the way that the prices are set, and now the chickens are coming home to roost” explained Taylor.

“I came onto the UCA Board of Directors just after Mr. Gray left that organization and I quickly came to understand the frustration that he gave voice to,” stated Taylor. “One of the reasons that I left that Board after only one year was to help build the Alberta Party so that we can bring issues like this to light. Albertans need better protection from these utility companies and that begins with the work that the UCA does on our behalf.”

David Gray, former executive director of the Utilities Consumer Advocate left his job in July of 2009 as he warned Albertans that these huge spikes in Albertans electric and power bills would happen, at the time Gray said he raised most of these issues with the government on a number of occasions but was told to "keep his mouth shut." He was also never able to speak out publicly in his role while with the UCA.

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