Constitution Review

The Alberta Party has changed significantly over the last two years! With these changes, our party constitution, constituency constitution and bylaws have become outdated and so the Provincial Board proposed changes to make sure they meet the needs of our party as we move forward. 

What was the result of this review?

Members met in Innisfail on February 23, 2013, to vote on the proposed amendments. Due to time constraints, not all amendments made it to the meeting floor. However, the critical amendments were debated and decided. 

To see that was passed, what was not passed, and what did not get discussed, please see our Special General Meeting results.

What amendments were proposed?

A comprehensive list of all proposed amendments and a list of amendments by subject are now available. There were a total of 41 proposed amendments submitted which would change:

  • The size of the Provincial Board, how they are elected, how many terms a director can serve, and how regional representation is achieved
  • The election and powers of the Provincial Executive
  • How and when leadership votes are called, and how a leader is selected
  • Quorum at party and Constituency Association meetings
  • How tie votes are resolved at party meetings
  • The minimum size of Constituency Associations
  • The rules of procedure at party and Constituency Association meetings
  • The role of the Constituency Association Secretary
  • What is required at a Constituency Association Annual General Meeting
  • The party values
  • The structure of the Provincial Board’s committees
  • The constitutional amendment process
  • The candidate selection process
  • Party record keeping requirements

Why did this happen?

At the last Annual General Meeting it became apparent that some of the rules and procedures that the Alberta Party adopted in 2010 are not working the way they were intended. This is likely due to the growth in party membership and new needs that could not have been anticipated back then.

Updating the bylaws and constitution will ensure that both documents serve the needs of the Alberta Party moving forward.

Who made the changes to our bylaws and constitution?

Ultimately, only our members can make changes to these documents.

A Constitutional Special Committee was created by the Provincial Board to facilitate the amendment process, however they did not make any decisions about amendments. The committee simply collected all proposed amendments from the Provincial Board, constituency associations and any members, and brought those proposals forward to the membership at a Special General Meeting on February 23, 2013. At the meeting, the committee offered some advice as to the legal feasibility of any proposals to make sure the Alberta Party remains in compliance with all governing laws.

How do I propose an amendment?

The deadline to submit amendments for consideration was December 22, 2012. Several members and the Provincial Board proposed a total of 41 amendments.

What is the process to amend the constitution and bylaws?

According to the Alberta Party Constitution, amendments can only be proposed by the Constitutional Special Committee, the Provincial Board or Executive, any Constituency Association Board or Executive, or by a group of at least 300 members. In this case, we are allowing individual members to submit proposals to the Constitutional Special Committee that the committee will then formally propose on the member’s behalf.

Proposed amendments had to be submitted by December 22, 2012. All members were then sent a notice of the proposed amendments on January 24, 2013. The full text of all the proposed amendments is also now available for viewing.

A Special General Meeting was held on February 23, 2013, where all members debated and voted on the proposed amendments. In order for amendments to pass, they had to be approved by at least ¾ of the voting members present at the meeting.

Did the Provincial Board propose any amendments?

Yes. There were three major amendments proposed by the Provincial Board:

  1. Changing the size and makeup of the Provincial Board of Directors to be more manageable, and changing the requirement for all directors to be elected by at least ¾ of voting members.

  2. Changing the leadership requirements to allow the party to operate without a leader for more than nine months after a leader resigns.

  3. Changing the quorum for Annual General Meetings to be more realistic and ensure party business is not held up because of unreasonably large quorum requirements.

Who can I contact for more information? 

Questions about the constitution and bylaw review should be emailed to and someone from the Constitutional Special Committee will respond.

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