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Clark says NDP’s poor choices to blame for record deficit

Posted on August 23, 2016 by Meagan Parisian

CALGARY, AB - August 23, 2016 - Alberta Party Opposition Leader Greg Clark says the lack of fiscal discipline shown by the NDP puts Alberta at risk and is calling on the government to take swift action to avoid a fiscal crisis.

“NDP policies are making a bad situation much worse,” said Clark. “Despite big corporate tax increases Alberta’s tax revenues are way down, and will continue to drop because the NDs have done nothing to create a positive investment climate. In fact, they’ve done the opposite. Attacks on business like the PPA lawsuit scare off potential investors and send a message that Alberta is not a safe or stable place to invest.

“I call on the NDs to move up the planned investor tax credit from January 1, 2017 to September 1, 2016, and to make it broad-based,” said Clark. “The delay rolling out the tax credit and the uncertainty over its’ scope has frozen capital. It’s one simple thing the NDs can do to stimulate investment rather than scaring it off.”

Clark says the Fort McMurray fires clearly played a part in Alberta’s record deficit, but says the NDs lack of fiscal flexibility made the situation worse.

“Disasters like the Fort McMurray fires are exactly why it’s important for governments to maintain a strong fiscal position – so Alberta doesn’t find itself in a tough spot when the unpredictable happens,” said Clark. “The NDs decision making prior to this devastation was naïve and ineffective. I encourage the NDs to rethink their budget process, and strive to find greater efficiencies within the public sector.”

Clark said the recent cancellation of the planned outsourcing of AHS laundry services is one of many examples of where NDP ideology trumps good fiscal discipline.

“This decision represents one-quarter of the $800 million increased deficit forecast in today’s fiscal update,” said Clark. “It’s a completely irresponsible decision given Alberta’s financial challenges.

“This fiscal update proves the NDs lack of fiscal discipline will have significant repercussions for the people of Alberta for years to come, and I have significant concerns about the NDs ability to solve the problems they have created.”


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    I’m not at all eligible to comment on this because I don’t know how far the strategies of Clark will be effective to overcome this fiscal crisis. Whatever beneficial can be acceptable. Meet more finance experts at and ask for better strategies to maintain it. Anyway, the concepts marked here are looking to be good and in doubt on how to make it effective.

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