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Clark Calls on Province to Release Flood Mitigation Studies

Posted on February 24, 2015 by Katherine Taylor

The cost-benefit analysis for three flood mitigation options should be released immediately so Albertans impacted by flooding know when, or if, they will be protected from future floods.

“A provincial spokesman claims it was a ‘technical glitch’ that prevented release of the information,” said Alberta Party leader Greg Clark. “If that’s the case I expect the province to announce a new date for release of the studies, and I expect that date to be soon.”

As Alberta heads towards an election this spring Clark said the province must release the studies before Albertans go to the polls.

“As we enter another flood season businesses in downtown Calgary, homeowners impacted by past floods and all Albertans deserve to know if flood mitigation is coming, and when,” said Clark. “The anxiety is already building and Albertans need hard answers, not vague promises.”

Clark also called on the Province to release its plans for mitigation on the Bow River and Highwood River.

“There have been promises of deal with TransAlta to use their hydroelectric dam infrastructure to prevent future flooding on the Bow, but nearly two years after the 2013 flood there is no long-term plan in place,” said Clark. “The same goes for the diversion channel around High River. When will we know if this project is going ahead?”

“This situation leaves the unfortunate impression that mitigation is either delayed or isn’t coming at all,” said Clark. “We know there will be a high economic cost to pay when floodwaters come again, but also a social cost to businesses and individuals.

“It’s time for the province to show leadership, release the studies and start building flood mitigation.”


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