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Clark calls on NDP to recall Legislature, implement hiring and wage freeze

Posted on August 31, 2015 by Meagan Parisian

CALGARY, AB - August 31, 2015 – The ND government must recall the Legislature and present a budget to show Albertans how they plan to address the fiscal crisis, says Alberta Party leader Greg Clark.

“Albertans need their government to earn their paycheques and do their jobs,” said Clark. “The NDs need to come in off the federal campaign trail and show Albertans a clear path out of the fiscal crisis our province finds ourselves in.”

Clark called on the government to immediately implement a public sector hiring and wage freeze.

“In a time where tens of thousands of hard working Albertans are losing their jobs it is irresponsible for the government to continue to expand the size of government,” said Clark.  “They’ve made vague statements about reducing expenditures but have no plans in place to do so. It’s not possible to control spending without addressing public sector wages and the overall size of government.”

“Let me be clear – I am not talking about mass layoffs in the public sector. During uncertain economic times a hiring and wage freeze is the absolute least they can do to get Alberta’s finances under control.

“The NDs need to show Albertans they have an actual plan to deal with the budget crisis.”


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