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Clark calls on Children’s Services Minister to brief Child Intervention Panel on Serenity’s case

Posted on May 16, 2017 by Robbie Kreger-Smith

EDMONTON, AB - Alberta Party Leader Greg Clark has written to Children’s Services Minister Danielle Larivee to ask that her department brief the Child Intervention panel about Serenity’s case.

“[The] Ministerial Panel on Child Intervention was created to come up with recommendations that would prevent tragedies like what happened to Serenity from happening again,” said Clark. “We need to restore Albertan’s trust in our Child Intervention system, and to do that the panel needs to be given the tools necessary to do a comprehensive review.”

“This means that we need access to the information about what happened to Serenity. Her story brought the problems we are discussing to light, and learning from specific cases will allow us to come up with better solutions.”

Clark said the same information made available to the Office of the Child and Youth Advocate should be made available to the panel.

“I’m certain that all panel members would be willing to sign whatever confidentiality agreements are necessary to see these files, and to review them in strictly closed sessions.”

“We were brought on in order to have an in depth, nuanced look into the Child Intervention system in Alberta. The Minister needs to let us do our jobs with as much information as possible.” 

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