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Changes needed to Alberta's political fundraising rules

January 17, 2014

Calgary - Alberta's political finance system needs a significant overhaul, says Alberta Party leader Greg Clark.

"The amount of money we see donated to Alberta's political parties is obscene," said Clark. "Politics in Alberta is becoming a money game that allows big donors to have disproportionate influence on the political process. It's bad for democracy."

Clark said Alberta should look at a system similar to the one used for federal politics, where corporate and union donations are banned and there are strict limits on individual donations.

"The $15,000 individual donation limit is too high," says Clark. "This is far beyond the reach of ordinary Albertans."

Political finance reform should be part of a broader democratic renewal initiative in Alberta. "The Alberta Party believes there should be more free votes in the legislature and that MLAs should have more power, and therefore  be more accountable to their constituents," said Clark. 

The Alberta Party is hosting a forum on democratic renewal in Edmonton on January, 30.

"The goal of our political finance system should be to encourage participation in the democratic process," said Clark. "Our current system does the opposite. Change is urgently needed."


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