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Posted on by Richard Einarson

This week we profile a devoted athlete, pyrotechnician, blogger, and a transit operator

The Alberta Party is attracting some amazing candidates across the province, and starting today we are going to profile a group of candidates each week leading up to the provincial election.  This week, we profile 4 candidates, including a devoted athlete, pyrotechnician, blogger, and a transit operator!

Serge Gingras (Red Deer - South)

This trilingual Albertan is an accomplished athlete, devoted community member and knows how dedication and community involvement go hand-in-hand.

A 26 year resident of Red Deer, Serge has been an active member of the Central Alberta AIDS Network Society, Central Alberta Women's Emergency Shelter, Special Olympics, Canadian Parents for French and is a founding member of the Association Canadienne-Francaise de l'Alberta (Red Deer). A dedicated and accomplished swimmer, Serge knows how devotion can lead to results. It's this same dedication and community involvement that he brings to the constituents of Red Deer South.

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Kevin Woron (Calgary - Hawkwood)

This self-employed pyrotechnician and CJSW radio show host plans to make a bang in this upcoming election and talk people up while he does it.

Born and raised in Calgary, Kevin is a former freelance writer and small business owner, self-employed pyrotechnician and 25 year host of Megawatt Mayhem on CJSW, the U of C's widely popular community radio station. Having watched his native city and province grow exponentially, Kevin joined the Alberta Party after having attended three Big Listen's and being attracted to what the party stood for - no left wing, no right wing - just good ideas.

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Brandon Beasley (Calgary - Shaw)

As a writer and political blogger, Brandon is passionate about innovative ideas and wants to show the constituents of Calgary Shaw that their voice matters.

A born and raised Calgarian, Brandon's core political values are community engagement and citizen empowerment. He hopes that both of these will help him engage the 64% of constituents that did not vote in the last election. Brandon believes that the Alberta Party best represents these values, and he is convinced that the best way to serve his community is to seek public office under the Alberta Party banner. But don't let us tell you that, visit his blog and see for yourself!

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Dennis O'Neill (Edmonton - Gold Bar)

Dennis is a former Security Officer, current Edmonton Transit System operator and is no stranger to having conversations with Albertans.

A 24 year Edmontonian, Dennis is a former Security Officer and Labour Relations Officer at the U of A. Currently he's an Edmonton Transit System operator, giving him a ground level understanding of the issues impacting his community. Dennis knows the importance of talking about the issues with Albertans because he has these conversations everyday with the citizens who ride the bus he drives. He is a passionate believer in the values of the Alberta Party, and is eager to represent his community in the Legislature.

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