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Budgets, Boycotts and Other Bullying Behaviour

The news that the PC government is boycotting the Alberta Urban Municipalities Association (AUMA) over their recent criticism of the 2012 budget is news that reaffirms a need for change in the way our government runs this province.

 When Minister of Municipal Affairs Doug Griffiths sent a letter to AUMA President Linda Sloan saying that he disagreed with the AUMA’s comments on the budget and that the PC government would be boycotting their breakfast, he showed a complete disrespect for the democratic process in our province. When the government expresses their displeasure at opposing viewpoints, and uses their position of power to retaliate, it’s called bullying.

 “Having served as a vice-president with the AUMA I am very familiar with the underlying pressure brought to bear on municipalities by the PCs. I must admit I’m surprised by this tactic from Minister Griffiths, but not from this government.” States Taylor.

 If the PC government doesn’t want to hear from municipalities, if they don’t want feedback on the budget from an organization that represents the local governing municipalities which are the closest to the people, what kind of democracy do we have?

 “It is time for change, a time to take a stand against bullying behaviour that squashes the voices of Albertans,” says Alberta Party Leader Glenn Taylor. “When the PC government bullies the municipalities, they bully Albertans as well


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