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02 June 2015

Clark calls for transparency in MLA pay and perks

Edmonton, AB - June 2, 2015 - Alberta Party Leader Greg Clark is calling for transparency in MLA pay and has called for a review of MLA pay and perks. He pointed to the MLA temporary residence allowance as one area of MLA pay out of step with Albertans’ expectations. 

“MLAs living more than 60 km from the Legislature receive a flat $1,930 living allowance no matter how much it actually costs them in rent,” said Clark. “This is one of several aspects of MLA pay that makes no sense. MLAs who are able to find cheaper accommodation get to keep the difference. 

“The simple answer is to reimburse MLAs for the actual cost of their accommodation up to the cap.”


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13 May 2015

Clark says shredding investigation in ESRD is a good start, but more likely to come

CALGARY, AB - May 13, 2015 - Alberta Party leader Greg Clark is glad to see an investigation moving forward into document destruction but believes other departments are likely to be included.
“The joint investigation is a start and I’m hopeful it will get to the bottom of the situation at the Ministry of Environment and Sustainable Resource Development,” said Clark. “It’s frustrating that we have to tie ourselves in procedural knots to get an investigation started but that’s the way the law is currently written. We plan to submit further FOIP requests to other departments in an attempt to stop any unauthorized document destruction in all departments.”
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08 May 2015

Clark to make FOIP requests to stop shredding, will notify Privacy Commissioner

CALGARY – Alberta Party leader and MLA-elect for Calgary-Elbow Greg Clark will submit a series of requests under Alberta’s Freedom of Information and Protection of Privacy (FOIP) Act to ensure sensitive documents are not destroyed before the transition to a new government. 

“There are very clear rules about what can and cannot be destroyed,” said Clark. “The procedure for document destruction is well known and authorization for destroying documents is the exception, rather than the rule. The vast majority of paper and electronic information should be retained.”

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06 May 2015

This is just the beginning



Last night’s victory in Calgary-Elbow was the culmination of thousands of hours of tireless effort from countless hard-working Albertans across this province. Albertans who care passionately about our province and want to make it better. Albertans who have spent their valuable time, energy and resources without any guarantee it would ever pay off.

Last night, it did just that.

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03 May 2015

It's time for new energy in Alberta



It’s been a remarkable few weeks in Alberta politics. Across the province it's clear that Albertans have “got it”. On the doorsteps, in coffee shops and in seniors homes, citizens have expressed deep concern about the future of our province and the need for change. 

Everyone understands that the PCs have made our provincial government far too dependent on oil revenues. The size of your children’s classes shouldn’t depend on the price of oil, and neither should the quality of your family’s healthcare.

The Alberta Party has a better way

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30 April 2015

What about flood mitigation?


The silence from the PCs has been deafening

During this election, the PCs have been strangely silent about their plans for flood mitigation. Other than announcing that they are proceeding with the Springbank Dry Dam, which I support, we have heard nothing about the other upstream mitigation projects on the Elbow River (the Glenmore Diversion Tunnel and McLean Creek) and virtually nothing about protecting residents on the Bow. 

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29 April 2015

Make strategic investments in healthcare to improve service and reduce costs


The PCs have made us too dependent on oil… 

Now they want to raise your taxes and introduce healthcare premiums (which don’t go to healthcare) while they cut healthcare services by $1 billion.  The PCs’ latest budget cuts health spending, while ignoring inflation and the 80,000 people expected to move to Alberta this year.  

The PCs say these cuts won’t affect service delivery.  Healthcare professionals say otherwise:

"Significant cuts to Alberta’s beleaguered health care system and the loss of close to 1,700 jobs at Alberta Health Services cannot be implemented without impacting the ability of front-line staff to deliver safe and high quality health care." United Nurses of Alberta President, Heather Smith

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28 April 2015

Provide stable funding and improve access to post-secondary education


Alberta’s universities, colleges and technical institutes are the launch pad for future economic prosperity in this province.

The Alberta Party recognizes the significant social returns from investment in education. It is the key to personal opportunity, growth and enrichment and is essential to maintaining our future prosperity. To ensure Alberta can compete internationally, we need the best educated, highly trained and creative workforce possible. We also need to ensure that post-secondary institutions keep up with the demands of Alberta’s growing and evolving labour force.

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