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AUMA: Because Local Really Does Matter

EDMONTON -  The AUMA breakfast which was held in Edmonton today was an opportunity for the people who run Alberta municipalities to discuss their concerns and have an open and transparent dialogue. Or was it?

Attendees such as former Hinton Mayor and Alberta Party Leader Glenn Taylor were free to share their experiences and concerns, unhampered by the fear of government reprisals.  Taylor spoke of the subtle pressures that are brought to bear on municipalities in regards to funding.

“The MSI is only one form of funding available from the PC government,” Taylor explains. “Not all funding models are based on equations and therefore are susceptible to abuse.”

The municipalities are aware that not all funding decisions are based on formulas and they often feel they must keep on the PC government’s good side in order not to jeopardize any special funding.  Political bullying continues to be an issue in Alberta and it is important to note that AUMA President Linda Sloan has not retracted her comments and continues to stand by her earlier position.

“When I was Mayor of Hinton, I worked side-by-side with residents to improve the quality of life in the area,” says Taylor. “But ultimately, our work was disregarded and I was chastised by the government because I didn’t play by the PC government’s rules.”

The experiences Taylor had as Mayor of Hinton played a strong role in him deciding to join the Alberta Party and fight for democratic renewal in Alberta. He decided to work for an Alberta where municipalities and ultimately all Albertans are treated with respect.


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