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Albertans Continue to Pay For The PCs' Fiscal Mismanagement

Posted on March 24, 2015 by Greg Clark

Jim Prentice’s taxpayer funded speech dumped responsibility for Alberta’s fiscal mess squarely on the backs of public sector workers while failing to take responsibility for PC mismanagement.

“The PCs spent $80,000 of taxpayers money to say that they've mismanaged our economy? Anyone who's waited 18 months for surgery, or seen their child crammed into a crowded classroom could tell them that for free,” said Alberta Party leader Greg Clark.

“The PCs have told us tonight they will not be funding the services Albertans need to keep pace with growth or inflation at a time when classrooms and waiting rooms are bursting at the seams,” said Clark. “Prentice himself said there will be 80,000 new Albertans in the next year but he will not be funding healthcare or education to keep pace with this growth.”

“The Alberta Party will protect the services we need while reducing our dependence on oil and gas royalties.”

“The Alberta Party was founded on the principle of listening to Albertans,” said Clark. “Albertans have been very clear that they want a balance of moderate corporate and personal tax increases, along with more savings to fix our fiscal problems once and for all.”

“Tonight’s mis-infomercial placed blame on Albertans for having faith that the PCs would do what is right for our province. The fact is that the PCs have not done what is best for Alberta, and we all deserve better.”

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