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Albertans are enthusiastically #ThankfulAB!

Posted on by Richard Einarson

On this Thanksgiving Day long weekend, the Alberta Party decided to take a moment and ask people across our province what they thought Albertans can be thankful for. We posed the question on both Twitter and Facebook and boy did people ever respond - over 250 people have posted a response as of earlier this evening! A selection of the responses is included at the end of this message.

With unreserved enthusiasm Albertans expressed their thanks for family, friends and neighbours. It's good to see that the stuff that really matters, still really matters to most. It is clear to me that Albertans have not lost touch with the values of family, neighbourliness or community.

Many people shared their thanks for living in Alberta. This province has an abundance of opportunity and potential and it’s clear that our members strongly believe that.

Many of you also expressed thanks for living in such a beautiful place. What came through loud and clear is that Albertans see themselves as being stewards of this wonderful piece of the planet and that we have a collective responsibility to 'get it right' for the next generation.

Overwhelmingly, people expressed their optimism regarding our potential to build a better Alberta.

Much was said about our freedom to build a new political party. It is too easy to forget that in many places in the world, this type of freedom simply does not exist.

In the end, it is clear to me that Albertans are truly appreciative of what we have, and where we are. But, we are not willing to rest. We yearn for more, and we are willing to do the work necessary to build a better Alberta, for today, for tomorrow and for Canada and the world.

Upon reflection, I guess that what I am most thankful for, are you - the Alberta Party members. Our party is filled with people that have come together from all walks of life, from all across Alberta, from so many diverse backgrounds and who are all working together to improve our province.

Here is a selection of the responses that we received over the weekend:

Top responses on our Facebook poll:

  • Friends, family and neighbours.
  • Tremendous opportunities to lead the country, from education to economic diversity.
  • Abundance of opportunity, potential, talent. Ours for the sharing.
  • The natural beauty of our province.
  • Albertans. The people we care about are our most precious possessions.
Here's a few responses from Twitter (using the hastag #thankfulAB):
  • @tim_osborne: I have more to be thankful for than I could ever do justice to in 140 characters. #thankfulAB
  • @iam_sanchezI thankful that people #thankfulab are even asking the question. Many don't think they have much 2 b thankful for. Let the yeast of thanksgiving contaminate the whole loaf of ungratefulness.
  • @Lorenzy17
  • @cjensen48#thankfulAB for life in a prov that still provides health care, that may improve education delivery to my grandkids, for family & friends
  • @suehuff: I'm thankful that I live in a place where forming a new political party doesn't land me in jail or worse! #thankfulAB #abparty #ableg
  • @ABeconomist: #thankfulAB I am very thankful for a province and country that respects people in all their diversity.
  • @philmhyde: I am #thankfulAB for those who have served our Country then & now in our Armed Forces & Police Depts to protect Canadians & Our Freedoms

Read more of the discussion on Twitter >

On this Thanksgiving Day, I want to wish you and your families all the best.

Glenn Taylor
Leader, The Alberta Party

PS - In case you missed it - please take a moment to review the recent letter from our party President about how you can help us maintain and build our considerable momentum on social media.

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