Albertans absorb the impact of PC cuts in Budget 2015

PCs Target Schools, Healthcare, and the Average Alberta Family to Pay for Their Mistakes

Greg Clark challenges the PCs to pass this budget before calling an election


Edmonton, AB – March, 26 2015 – Alberta Party leader Greg Clark expressed disappointment at the decisions made in Budget 2015 today saying, “Budget 2015 means bigger class sizes, fewer supports for special needs and ESL students, less access to primary healthcare and fewer spaces in post-secondary education.”

“Now that the PCs have absorbed the Wildrose, Albertans will absorb the impact of massive cuts to health and education,” said Clark. “Average Albertans are being asked to pay more to get less.”

“The largest problem with the budget is that it fails to address the fundamental problem: a broken tax structure which has led to an overdependence on oil and gas revenue,” says Greg Clark. “They seem to be trying to balance what can’t be balanced. This budget is a marketing document. I challenge them to pass this budget before calling an election.”

“With this budget, Alberta is still on the oil roller coaster. Their plan appears to be to wait for oil to go up yet again. Now they are targeting frontline services that Albertans rely on every day.”

Clark noted that the new health levy has no connection to healthcare because of the absolute cut to health funding. He also called out the PCs for choosing cuts over a fair progressive income tax and moderate increases to corporate income taxes. “The PCs had an opportunity to fundamentally restructure Alberta’s finances but they chose not to,” said Clark.

While the PC government has promised to “hold the line” on spending this will effectively act as a four percent cut, with no additional funds allocated for the 80,000 individuals expected to move to the province this year. Of the more than 2,000 job cuts planned, 1,939 or 96% are in health and education.

“Once again, the PCs intend to balance the budget on the backs of teacher, nurses and other public servants.”

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