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Alberta Party thanks Redford for her service, says real change needed in Alberta politics

Posted on March 19, 2014 by Katherine Taylor

Alison Redford was a dedicated public servant and deserves our thanks, said Alberta Party leader Greg Clark. “Tonight is about thanking Alison Redford for her service to Albertans,” said Clark. “I have deep respect for the sacrifices she has made throughout her career in the service of others; from her early career working overseas to her efforts to make Alberta a better place, she deserves our thanks.”

Clark believes Redford deserved better from her colleagues in the PC Party. “No matter what anyone thinks about her policies, Redford was undone by an old party machine badly in need of replacement,” said Clark. “She deserved better.”

The Alberta Party believes ‘change from within’ hasn’t worked and that real change is needed in Alberta politics.

"Our system is broken," said Clark. "For too long a small, unelected and unaccountable group of PC insiders have decided who runs our province. It is clear that Alison Redford's attempt to reform the PC Party has failed. We need to put the government back in the hands of ordinary people."

“This is an important time in Alberta history,” said Clark. “The decisions we make now will determine whether or not Alberta remains economically prosperous, socially strong and environmentally responsible for generations to come.”

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