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Alberta Party repeats call for Premier Hancock to fire Horner, immediately sell air fleet

Posted on August 07, 2014 by Katherine Taylor

Premier Dave Hancock must immediately fire Finance Minister Doug Horner for his inaction in preventing the abuse of Alberta’s fleet of private aircraft by former Premier Redford and other members of the PC Caucus, said Alberta Party leader Greg Clark.

“The Auditor General’s report is crystal clear; there was a total breakdown in control and accountability in government that allowed public assets to be used for partisan purposes,” said Clark. “Doug Horner must pay the price for allowing this to happen on his watch.”

Clark said it is now clear the problems run far deeper than former Premier Redford and include many current PC Cabinet ministers and MLAs.

“The use of government airplanes to ferry PC MLAs to a PC fundraiser is the last straw,” said Clark. “It was widely rumoured and now we know it to be true. There is no chance PC MLAs didn’t know about this yet not one MLA said a thing.

“This is the result of a culture of entitlement and corruption that comes from 43 years of PC rule.”

The government of Alberta must immediately sell its air fleet and rely on commercial and very occasional charter services like every other government in Canada, said Clark.

“This report shows just how corrupt the PC Party has become,” said Clark. “Albertans demand and deserve more from their government.”

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