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Alberta Party Looks for Action on Key Issues

October 28, 2013

EDMONTON - Alberta Party leader Greg Clark today called on the government to move forward on important issues facing Albertans as the fall sitting of the Alberta Legislature begins. He also hopes to see a clear, long term vision for the province.

“Our elected representatives need to get on with the business of governing and not be distracted by internal party politics,” said Clark. “There are too many important issues facing our province.”

Clark pointed to the need to take steps to restore Alberta's fiscal balance, move forward quickly on flood mitigation and answer questions about the government's commitment to consultation related to energy development.

“Balancing the budget means revenues line up with expenditures. The Redford government has shown an inability to manage either side of the equation," said Clark. “Their only plan seems to be to cross their fingers and hope energy prices go up, and that's no plan at all.”

Clark noted that the 2014 flood season is only eight months away.

“Albertans in flood-affected communities need to know what action will be taken to protect them from another devastating flood,” said Clark. “Studies and consultation are important but we expect a funding commitment so flood mitigation projects can get underway as soon as possible.”

“We also want to hear the government's plans to ensure all stakeholders have an opportunity for input on energy projects,” said Clark. “An efficient regulatory process is important but as the courts have shown, we actually slow down energy development if we skip the consultation process.”

“The only question the government seems to be asking is how they can continue their 40+ year dynasty,” said Clark. “This takes their focus off of good governance and the planning required to sustain Alberta's prosperity.”

“It shouldn’t be about the PC Party, it should be about governing in the long term best interest of Albertans.”

MEDIA ADVISORY: Alberta Party leader Greg Clark will be at the Legislature on October 28th and will be a regular attendee throughout the fall sitting.


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