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Alberta Party launches – A tool to share Alberta Party values with Albertans

Posted on March 31, 2014 by Katherine Taylor

The Alberta Party has launched a campaign called Political Match, a website designed to communicate Alberta Party values and to allow Albertans to determine if their values are a match for the Alberta Party.

“We have seen significant interest in the Alberta Party in the past several months and it’s ramped up since the resignation of Premier Redford,” said Alberta Party leader Greg Clark. “The goal of this campaign is to let Albertans looking for a political home that there is a moderate option that fits with their core values.”

The site is available at and is loosely based on CBC’s VoteCompass. It asks 26 questions and asks if the values expressed in each statement are shared by the respondent, then identifies whether the Alberta Party might be a good fit for them.

“Our goal is to engage with Albertans in a new and accessible way,” said Clark. “Albertans are looking for a new kind of political party and Political Match allows them to decide if the Alberta Party is right for them."

Clark says the questions are designed to be clear and unequivocal about Alberta Party values. “Because we don’t stick to rigid notions of ‘left’ and ‘right’ on the political spectrum, like most political parties, the Alberta Party needs to find innovative ways to communicate what we’re all about. That’s what is intended to do.”

“Some of the questions are provocative, but we want to show Albertans we won’t back down from tough topics,” said Clark. 

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