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JUNO award winners compose Alberta Party Campaign Song

Posted on by Richard Einarson

Sylvia Tyson and Cindy Church collaborate on a special song to help spread the Alberta Party message

cindy_sylvia3.pngWhen Alberta Party Battle River-Wainwright candidate Midge Lambert told our campaign team that a couple of her friends had written an original song for the Alberta Party, we were all pretty surprised.  When we heard the names of her friends - Cindy Church (singer, songwriter, multiple JUNO/Canadian Country Music Award recipient) and Sylvia Tyson (singer, songwriter, member of the Order of Canada, member of the Canadian Music Hall of Fame, multiple JUNO/Canadian Country Music Award recipient) - we were amazed... and we couldn't wait to hear it!

Today, we are pleased to release "The Alberta Party" - Lyrics by Sylvia Tyson / Melody by Cindy Church. Performed by Cindy Church.

We asked Midge to write about the story behind the song. Her full letter is below.

Have a wonderful long weekend,

Glenn_jeans_5.pngGlenn Taylor
Leader, Alberta Party
Candidate, West Yellowhead

PS - We hope you are enjoying time with your family and friends on this long weekend.  In case you missed them, please take a moment to read and share my messages to Albertans about Easter and Passover.


Here in the Alberta Party, we know that contributions come in many different forms.

We have the wonderful Albertans that shared their concerns, challenges and hopes during the first “Big Listen” that forms the basis of our policies and platform. 

We have our amazing volunteers that have contributed incalculable amounts of time and energy developing the Alberta Party policy documents and building constituency associations across the province.

We have our generous and supportive Builders Network members and donors that contribute much welcome financial assistance as we work toward our dream.

And what about our visionary communications and strategy teams that are sending our campaign message of dreaming bigger across the province.

And, of course, the commitment of our amazing team of candidates.

I have been honoured to receive a contribution of a different sort.  My friends Cindy Church and Sylvia Tyson have written me a song!

I’ve known Cindy for almost 30 years, since she moved to Alberta to the same small town I lived in south of Calgary.  In 1993 she, along with Sylvia Tyson, Kaitlin Hanford and Colleen Peterson created the singing group “Quartette” (www.quartette.com).  In 1996, Colleen sadly passed away and Gwen Swick joined the group.  In the nearly 20 years since (yes, 20 years!) I have been so happy be able to call these amazing, talented women my friends. I have always been excited to catch up with them during visits to Toronto, where Cindy lives now, and always to catch a concert or two when they are touring “out west”

Politics is always a topic of conversation with us, and when Quartette played recently in Camrose, close to my home, we spent some time together.   The gals were very interested in our party, and in my role as candidate – they would all vote for me if they could!  The next day, on an very long drive from Camrose to Peace River,  Cindy and Sylvia thought they should write a campaign song for Midge.   A few days later, Cindy recorded it on her iPhone and emailed me the result.  I love it!

To me it showcases how the Alberta Party message resonates, even outside Alberta.  The lyrics capture so directly the Alberta Party vision of inclusion and putting Albertans first, and all as the result of one evening’s conversation. 

Enjoy this wonderful contribution from my friends, Cindy and Sylvia.

Midge_sm2.pngMidge Lambert
Candidate, Battle River-Wainwright

PS - In case you missed it earlier in the campaign, some amazing volunteers in Calgary made their own contribution and created this excellent video called "We can dream bigger"

Help us spread our message to more Albertans - please make a donation to the Alberta Party, any amount you can afford from $5 - $250 will be gratefully accepted.  Donations to political parties in Alberta receive generous tax credits - learn more.

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