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Alberta Party calls on MLAs seeking federal nominations to step down

January 20, 2014

"Any MLA seeking a federal nomination should take a leave of absence while seeking the nomination and should resign when nominated," says Alberta Party leader Greg Clark. 

"MLAs have a full time job, and that's to represent the people who elected them in the Alberta Legislature," said Clark. "If an MLA's attention is focused elsewhere they're not doing their job."

 "Their constituents and the taxpayers paying their salaries are getting ripped off."

Clark says the fact that Premier Redford will allow Calgary-Foothills MLA Len Webber to retain his seat and full pay while seeking the nomination for the federal riding of Calgary Confederation shows just how desperate she is to hold onto power.

"This isn't about what's politically expedient for the PC Party, it's about what's right for the people of Calgary-Foothills," said Clark. "If the political needs of your party outweigh an MLAs obligations to his constituents, things are worse than I thought."

The Alberta Party is the only party to have a written set of MLA guidelines which all Alberta Party MLA's and candidates must agree to in writing. The Alberta Party MLA guideline can be found here:

"No Alberta Party MLA would be allowed to seek a federal nomination and continue to draw an MLA salary," said Clark. "An MLA's commitment is to the people who elected them, not their political masters."


For further information please contact:

Robbie Kreger-Smith, Communications Chair

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