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Alberta Health Care review - Better Later than Never

Posted on September 10, 2013 by Richard Einarson

In the wake of the new governance review study released today, we have to say that most of these conclusions have been fairly obvious for some time, but better late than never. At least the government seems to have admitted that their management has been largely ineffective, and that that huge expense of the system is not reflected in the quality of patient care and outcomes.

It’s hard to argue that the Health Care budget should be applied more directly to the front lines, since the very top heavy management that hasn’t seemed to work very well.

The party has long maintained that the governance and monitoring of health care delivery should done on a more local level and hopefully the division of the province into two regions, north and south, is a step in that direction.

Easy and seamless access to the system has also been a key part of our policy and we appreciate the acknowledgement that the current system is confusing and difficult to navigate. We liked a recent comment made by a health care official, that we have a health care system that patients have fit themselves into, rather than one that fits itself to them.

Through our Big Listens and ongoing engagement with Albertans we know that health care is at the top of their priority list. Albertans should enjoy the best quality of health care in Canada, if not the world.  Our government should ensure that it is so, and do so in record time.

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