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Alberta Flood 2013 - What People Need

Posted on June 27, 2013 by Richard Einarson

The Alberta Party continues to ask that you give a few hours of your time when you can to the thousands of people affected by the flooding.

What people need

  • Rags, rags, rags - old sheets, towels, tee-shirts, etc.
  • Socks, tee-shirts, shorts and jeans – for changing out of soaked clothes.
  • Bug spray, patches, etc.
  • Cleaning supplies - Bleach, buckets, brooms, mops, garbage bags, gloves, face masks.
  • Bins, containers - to carry and sort belongings.
  • Food and drink – Water, coffee, juices, muffins, sandwiches, etc.

Please note: People are in crisis mode. They are overwhelmed, anxious, and physically and emotionally exhausted. They need you to be kind and yet assertive in encouraging them to take a short break to eat and recharge.

  • LISTEN without judgment. Use responses such as:

“I know. This is just so difficult to believe, tragic, etc.”, or “I just can’t believe what you are going through”, or “I wish I could do so much more”

  • Make positive observations such as:

“You have wonderful people here helping you”, or “I see that you have family and friends who really care about you”, or “You are making great progress even though it might not feel like it.”

  • Child care help - offer to occupy their children for a while.
  • Pet care - take their dog for a walk, feed and pay attention to other pets.
  • Laundry - offer to take laundry home and return it the next day. 
  • Your physical help - Walk up to their homes and clearly and simply ask what you can carry, clean or sort. (When one is highly stressed it is often difficult to think clearly. Do not ask them vague questions, or ask them to call you or e-mail you if they need something.) 
  • If you have a truck, offer to haul removed materials to the dump. 
  • Shop vacs, fans

And most of allyour kind face, your warm smile, and your encouraging words.

Remind them of the Community Resource Centre in their area.

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