Agriculture is a significant economic driver in Alberta and a complex industry with roots reaching back to the foundation of this province and with a future as strong as the need to eat. The Alberta Party is committed to ensuring that agriculture remains a pillar of Alberta’s economy and a satisfying way of life for farmers. The Alberta Party also envisions a robust, vibrant, domestic and international agri-business sector that leads the Canadian economy and feeds the world.

The agriculture industry in Alberta is composed of two separate but equally important components, primary agriculture and agribusiness. The Alberta Party recognizes that Independent farmers and producers in Alberta have faced significant challenges including urbanization, diminishing profit margins, the trend toward corporate farms and increased urban development on agricultural lands.


Our Four Priorities

Priority #1 Diversify the Market for Alberta’s Agricultural Products
Priority #2 Facilitate the Continuing Availability of Farmland in Alberta
Priority #3 An Alberta Food Security Strategy
Priority #4 Improve the System for Food Destined for Local Markets

Read more about the Alberta Party’s Agricultural Policy (PDF)

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