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A small favour on the eve of Election Day

Posted on by Richard Einarson

brandonbeasley2.pngWe’re in the homestretch now folks – in less than 24 hours Albertans will be casting their ballots!  This election is like no other for a generation, Albertans have more choices than ever.  Many thousands of Albertans have yet to make up their mind and will spend the rest of the weekend considering their options. 

The Alberta Party needs a little more help from you to ensure that these undecided voters hear our message today.  Local polling results also show that we’re super-close to winning seats in several areas, and your help today will get us even closer!

Every vote will count – in all 38 constituencies with an Alberta Party candidate.

To capitalize on all of our hard work over the past four weeks, here are some important things we need your help with today:

  1. Run your own mini “get out the vote” campaign.  Put together of list of all of the people who you know that have indicated that they will be voting for the Alberta Party and send them a reminder on Monday (text, call, email, etc.). 
  2. Help your neighbors get to the polls. If you know anyone who needs assistance making it out to vote, please consider offering to assist them on Monday (providing a ride, babysitting, etc.).
  3. Put up your virtual lawn sign.  Right now, it is more important than ever to show your support for the Alberta Party in every way possible.  Please consider changing your profile image to one of our specially designed Alberta Party images and please share this Facebook post with your friends tonight.
  4. Send an email to your contact list.  A large number of Albertans are not regular users of Facebook and Twitter.  Please take a moment to write an email that summarizes why the Alberta Party is your choice in this election and send it to your friends, family, colleagues and other contacts today. This message from Glenn is designed to be shared.

Join us on Election Night in Calgary and Edmonton.

The Alberta Party is holding election night gatherings in both Edmonton and Calgary.  The Election results will be showing on screens at both events and we’ll have Alberta Party representatives providing updates throughout the night.  The events are open to everyone – so please bring your family and friends!

No Alberta Party candidate in your constituency?

This Election Day is just the beginning of our movement to form government within 4 years.  Please take a moment to volunteer today to help build your local constituency association. We will be running a full slate in the next election and we need to start working now to build our presence in your community.

Thank you Alberta!

We’ve come a long way in two short years folks!  We appreciate all of the support that you have shown during our first election campaign. Thank you!

Have a great afternoon,

Brian Thiessen
President, Alberta Party

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