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A Sales Tax Won’t Buy Alberta an Ethical, Quality Health Care System

EDMONTON, AB – The Alberta Party is more convinced than ever that a judicial inquiry is needed to investigate alleged bullying of doctors by health-care officials in Alberta after both the Canadian Medical Association (CMA) and the Alberta Medical Association (AMA) said they believe it is an ongoing issue that needs to be addressed.

Although the media has been giving extensive coverage to talks by Alberta Finance Minister Liepert of a provincial sales tax, the Alberta Party feels it is important to take care of what still remains Albertan’s primary issue – health care.

“Talk about Alberta finances is important,” says Alberta Party Leader Glenn Taylor.” But we can’t let that distract us from dealing with such a major issue as our health care system. We can’t take our eye off the ball just because the government brings up another contentious topic.”

The Alberta Party urges the government and Alberta citizens take the joint statement by the CMA and the AMA seriously. “According to the AMA, they have heard from a lot of members with personal experiences of being ostracized, having their hospital privileges withdrawn or having contracts ended or changed after advocating for their patients,” Taylor points out. “We can’t lose sight of this or we will continue to lose doctors and the very quality and integrity of our health care system will erode and you can’t buy that back with any amount of sales tax.”

At the end of October, the Alberta Party launched an online petition at as well as sending a letter to Premier Redford calling for a full judicial inquiry into the various allegations concerning Alberta’s health care system. The petition will be forwarded to Premier Redford and Fred Horne, Minister of Alberta Health and Wellness.


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