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27 February 2017

“All options should be on the table” to return to prosperity, says Clark

EDMONTON, AB  Alberta is on an unsustainable fiscal path that risks our future prosperity and bold action is required to put our province back on track, says Alberta Party leader Greg Clark. 

“As the downturn moves into its third year Alberta is at a crossroads,” said Clark. “We can no longer afford to avoid difficult conversations or to rule anything out, even if it’s politically unpopular. All options should be on the table.”

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14 February 2017

What are these bold ideas anyway?

What are different ways that we can fund Alberta’s future? That’s the question that the Alberta Party asked members and observers who attended our #CentreTogether event in November. Through a series of information sharing, workshops, dialogue, and polling, the group came up with these nine bold ideas - have a read and tell us what you think.

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10 February 2017

What was this #CentreTogether thing?

In November, the Alberta Party launched a bold new statement: we are the centrist party for all Albertans. As Greg Clark said in his speech, Albertans shouldn’t have to choose between two polarizing, bad options; an intolerant right or an irresponsible left. We believe that Alberta is not right wing or left wing. Albertans want leaders who speak their language. Leaders who understand their struggles. And leaders who share their optimism.

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