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13 May 2017

Centre Together 2.0 Greg Clark's speech

Acknowledge we're on Treaty 6 territory, and that we walk in the footsteps of our Metis brothers and sisters. On a day when we're talking about how to include everyone in our economy and our society it's important to recognize those who have been here for millennia and to work towards reconciliation and inclusion. 
Thank you for being here. How many people are at an Alberta Party event for the first time? And how many have been here from the start? If you’ve been here before I want you to find someone who’s new and introduce yourself. Tell them what the Alberta Party means to you and ask them what their hopes and dreams are for our province and our party. 
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13 May 2017

Centre Together 2.0 Pat Cochrane's speech

Good morning.


Do you remember the first time you voted? I remember walking over to the local elementary school with my mom and dad, so excited that I would vote. They were teasing each other about cancelling out each other’s vote – my Mom always voted Liberal and my Dad always voted Conservative so I guess in practical terms they did cancel each other’s votes but they always voted. They did it because they felt they had a responsibility as citizens to vote. And it felt good. I remember feeling like I was really part of things – part of our democracy. And I have never missed an election since then.

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05 May 2017

Mid-Term Highlights

CALGARY, AB -  Alberta Party Leader Greg Clark has released the following statement on the two-year anniversary of the 2015 General Election:

Today marks the half-way point between the last election and the next, and I wanted to share my thoughts on what I’ve learned, what I’ve accomplished, and what’s left to do in the next two years.

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18 April 2017

Alberta Party critical of Wildrose effectiveness as Opposition

EDMONTON, AB – The Alberta Party is showing the Wildrose Party how to actually be an effective opposition. 

With Brooks-Strathmore MLA and Shadow Finance Minister Derek Fildebrandt’s statement that “social issues aren’t in the top 100 reasons he ran” it has been a curious two weeks of behaviour from the Official Opposition.

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29 March 2017

Alberta Party denounces Jason Kenney’s stance on outing LGBTQ children

The Alberta Party is denouncing comments made by PC Leader Jason Kenney regarding GSAs yesterday in an editorial board meeting with Postmedia.
In his comments, Mr. Kenney advocates for parents being notified when a student requests to form a GSA or partakes in such a club. The right to students having a GSA was enshrined in law by a bill enacted by the previous PC government in Bill 10.
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26 March 2017

Save the Date - Centre Together 2.0

The Alberta Party is launching the second phase of a broad listening process across the Province called Bold Ideas. Albertans from all partisan backgrounds are invited to join the Alberta Party for our exciting Centre Together 2.0 event in Edmonton on Saturday May 13th, 2017.

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