2016 Constitutional Review

These are the proposed constitutional amendments that have been approved thus far by the Constitutional Review Committee for consideration by the members at the upcoming Annual General Meeting.

Please see our Alberta Party Constitution and Bylaws.

Amendment # 1

Article 10(f) of the Constitution shall be amended to read as follows:

(f) Each voting Member at an Annual General, General Policy or Special Meeting shall have one ballot only. Votes for the election of the Board of Directors, the election of the Leader, and the leadership question in Article 9(d) shall be by secret ballot, in a method to be determined by the Provincial Executive with preferential ballots when/as applicable. Proxy votes will not be accepted. All votes for the amendment of the constitution or bylaws, or for the adoption of policy, shall be by voting placards, or by another method determined by the Provincial Executive.

Amendment # 2 

Article 9(h)(i) of the Constitution shall be amended to read as follows:

(i) Be a current Member in good standing of the Party for at least one (1) year prior to the close of nominations to be a candidate in the Leadership Vote. The Provincial Board may waive this requirement for a candidate for the Leader of the Party by a super-majority vote, when determined to be in the best interests of the Party.

Amendment # 3 

Amend Articles 6(e), 6(f) and 6(g) of the Constitution and Article 2.03 of the Bylaws to read as follows:

(e) Members of The Provincial Board shall be elected at Annual General Meetings, as set out in Article 10. At the 2016 Annual General Meeting, the 24 candidates that receive the highest number of votes will be deemed elected. At the next following Annual General Meeting, the twelve (12) candidates that receive the highest number of votes, will be deemed elected as Group A Directors. At the second following Annual General Meeting, the twelve (12) candidates that receive the highest number of votes will be deemed elected as Group B Directors.

(f) All voting members of the Provincial Board shall be elected for one (1) term. The term of each voting Board Member shall run from their initial election until the second following election for Directors to the Provincial Board at an Annual General Meeting. For only the Board election occurring at the 2016 Annual General Meeting: up to twelve (12) Board Members called “Group A” shall serve for a partial term ending at the next following Annual General Meeting; up to twelve (12) Board Members called “Group B” shall serve for one (1) term ending at the second following Annual General Meeting. The Board members elected at the 2016 Annual General Meeting shall, at their first Board meeting following their election, decide which of them shall be in Group A or Group B.

(g) Following each Annual General Meeting, within ten (10) days, the Provincial Board:

(i) Shall elect from their members, certain Officers namely: President, Vice-President, Corporate Secretary and Chief Financial Officer; and

(ii) May elect from their members certain Officers, namely: Vice-President Fundraising, Vice-President Policy, Vice-President Membership, Vice-President Communications and up to four (4) additional Officers, as the Board deems appropriate, all of which Officers, once elected, shall collectively constitute the “Provincial Executive”, as described with further particularity Article 7.

2.03  Number, Tenure and Qualifications

New Directors as elected or appointed shall become directors as provided for in these Bylaws. The number of voting Directors shall not exceed twenty-five (25). Directors shall be elected at an Annual General Meeting of the Party and shall hold office until replaced at the second following Annual General Meeting.

A previous version of the constitution document on our website contained some inaccuracies. As of April 22, 2016 these have now been updated.

Questions or comments? Contact constitution@albertaparty.ca.


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