Our Current Policies

In 2011, The Alberta Party released a series of policies that build on the feedback we heard from Albertans during The Big Listen, and the Policy Directions passed by our members. The seeds of The Big Listen process were planted in February 2010, when members of the Alberta Party united with Renew Alberta to pursue their common goal of a moderate, forward-looking government responsible to the citizens of Alberta. This vision developed into The Big Listen, an ambitious and authentic program of citizen engagement designed to meaningfully connect our party to Albertans. Through this process, we talked with thousands of Albertans in their homes and communities about their stories, challenges, and hopes for our province. The input from these meetings formed the foundation of the policy proposals being developed by our member volunteers and put forward by the Alberta Party. 

Since those early days, the Alberta Party has continued to hone and further define and develop our policy positions, each year adding new statements and ideas based on what our members tell us.

Help Build Our Policy

Though our party continues to grow, we remain deeply committed to citizen engagement and grass roots policy development. We believe in “Alberta by Albertans”. Therefore, throughout the fall and winter of 2015-16, we will be asking Albertans across the province what their thoughts are on the following policy areas.

1.       Indigenous Relations

2.       Agriculture & Rural Communities

3.       Economy

4.       Education

5.       Energy

6.       Environment

7.       Fiscal

8.       Health

9.       MLAs & MLA Guidelines

10.     Poverty Reduction     


If you’d like to join a policy committee, contact policy@albertaparty.ca

To host a community conversation about Alberta Party policy, contact engagement@albertaparty.ca.


Our Current Policies


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